What Others Are Saying About Kentucky Sweet BBQ

Kentucky Sweet is the best BBQ sauce I have ever had.
Tim G.
That sauce is awesome!  The flavor is incredible – I love that little bit of sweet, little bit of spice flavor.  I have to be honest with you — I hate barbecue sauce from the grocery store – it gives me heartburn.  So I don’t normally use sauce when I barbecue.  I made some chicken breasts last night and used your sauce — the taste was wonderful and no heartburn!!!
Janice B.
It’s was like Franks Hot Sauce last night at my house……we were putting that sh*t on everything! It’s Great!
John W.
Thanks I really Like It!
Tim W.
Kentucky Sweet BBQ Sauce covers all the spectrums in flavor town. Sweet with a little bit of heat that gives it that extra kick your looking for when eating a great BBQ sauce! If you want to bring your BBQ to the next level for you, your family and friends then you should use The Colonel’s Kentucky Sweet BBQ Sauce. I will not only be using this sauce from now on but I will be introducing my family and friends to this sweet/heat goodness!!!
John S
If you haven’t given your favorite package of lil’ smokeys a good hot dunking in Kentucky Sweet, your taste buds don’t know what they are missing!!. Give it a try! Guaranteed to have you digging in the bottom of the pot hoping there is just one more hiding beneath the surface of that kickin’ Kentucky Sweet  Sauce!!!
Phillip V.
Kentucky Sweet BBQ sauce makes a veggie burger delicious. I didn’t think that was possible! Just the right amount of heat and sweetness. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself! Award winning sauce from Kentucky Sweet.
Simon M.
Kentucky Sweet is one of the best BBQ sauces that I have ever tasted. I love the “Sweet” followed by a gentle “Heat”.
Smooth tasting on chicken, pork, and even chips!! Buy two cause it goes fast!!
Daniel H.
I have tried this sauce on everything from chicken to french fries! My whole family loves it! This is the best tasting bbq sauce we have ever tried.
Eric D.